eDetailing and Closed Loop Marketing solutions

As meeting opportunities with doctors continue to decline and medical sales teams face increasing constraints, pharmaceutical companies need to leverage mobile and touch based technologies more than ever to engage and deliver pharmaceutical sales content.

To overcome these challenges, eDetailing and Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) have become leading emarketing strategies for companies that want to increase market share and brand equity.

Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) refers to a loop of two-way messaging with doctors. Marketing messages and materials are pushed to the doctor according to the company’s insights of the doctor’s individual needs. When next contact is made with the doctor the rep can gather and collate more data which can be used to plan for a more personalized series of marketing messages in future eDetails.

CLM can be presented in the form of the following diagram:

CLM Image

Our eDetailing and CLM solutions offer companies:

  • Increased reach & contact with doctors
  • Solutions to augment the traditional sales call as reps have visual interface to structure their message around
  • Controlled, consistent messaging via a content management system
  • Ability to instantly push customer details directly from your CRM system
  • Design interactive features to better engage with doctors such as question and feedback mechanisms
  • The use of analytical tools to see what slides are delivering the best ROI results
  • A cheaper and faster way to connect with doctors than face-to-face sales calls

Elvun offers you the choice of two solutions in the area of eDetailing and CLM; the first is the Elvun’s uTouchCare and the second is the Skura SFX Sales Enablement solution.

uTouchCare-iPad eDetailing Solution Logo
The uTouchCare is a more affordable eDetailing solution which is only available on Apple iPads. Click here for details on our exciting eDetailing solution.

SKURA eDetailing and CLM Solution Logo
The SKURA SFX Sales Enablement solution is a device agnostic eDetailing solution and is being used by 80+ brands, 60,000+ reps in 33 countries. Click here for more information.