uTouchAuto at Lexus

Business Requirements

Lexus required a sophisticated and brand-enhancing tool to fully engage their audience at the International Motor Show. Previously the company used traditional paper based brochures but the saturation of printed materials in the marketplace and associated printing costs led them to look for a supplier who could deliver a professional tablet based solution.

Business Solution

The uTouchAuto™ solution provided Lexus with stand-out functionality at the Dubai Motor Show. Customers were extremely impressed with the clever design and the many features installed within the brochure. People could find the information they wanted much more quickly and the interface was simple yet intuitive.

How it has helped the Customer

  • Enabled potential customers to view car specifications, colors, emission outputs instantly.
  • Easy to operate page turning and zoom viewing option.
  • Beautiful design which was easy on the eye.

How it has helped Lexus

  • Vast cost saving over conventional printing methods.
  • No postage, packaging and other distribution costs.
  • Minimal production costs.

How it has helped the Marketing Function

  • Ability to track the number of times the brochure was read.
  • Enabled copy to be changed without costly reprints.
  • Helped Lexus to promote a more acceptable carbon footprint.