uTouchCare at Nycomed

eDetailing refers to the use of computer technology to enhance or bypass the pharmaceutical representative’s traditional sales call to doctors.

Business Requirements

Nycomed is a multi-national Pharmaceutical company with sales people operating throughout the entire GCC region.  With the high levels saturation in the medical sales market, Nycomed wanted a tablet based solution to allow their sales reps to attain their targets and gain an edge over competitors in terms of improved end user experience, full interactivity and instant content updates through a wireless network.

Business Solution

uTouchCare permits Nycomed to tailor their marketing approach for every customer on their database. The innovative interface is fully customizable, instantly updatable and integrates seamlessly with the Nycomed CRM system.  Our solution is viewed as an effective method of driving message recall and increasing prescribing patterns, two areas of keen focus in medical sales strategy.

Advantages to Doctors

  • More intuitive and detailed product presentations
  • Fully interactive including video content
  • Highly convenient functionality to let the doctor do a self-guided e-Detail
  • Highly targeted and specified content for each doctor.

Advantages to Nycomed Medical Reps

  • Boosts productivity of staff.  Creates warm leads from cold leads more effectively.
  • Presentations contain every detail that a doctor may need to make a decision.
  • Links into CRM system so easier to follow up on leads
  • Improves workflow and reporting for sales teams
  • Automate procedures

Advantages to Nycomed

  • Measurable results, statistics and reports
  • Includes field data for CRM
  • Save money on costly re-prints of product material.
  • Instant up-dates so no waiting for printers to provide content.
  • ROI can be tracked and measured and linked back to a specific timeframe