uTouchMenu at The Farm

Business Requirements.

Al Barari, a 5 Star living community based in Dubai has recently opened up a fine dining restaurant called The Farm. In keeping with the exclusivity of the restaurant, management decided to search for a feature rich iPad based menu solution to be implemented from opening night onwards. The requirements were that the solution be easy to implement, show digital images and text of the food and drink on offer, permit the diners engage interactively with their waiter and allow for instant menu updating via a back-end control panel.

Business Solution

Our solution was deployed a week earlier than originally planned to universal management approval. The Farm’s clientele have the ability to view detailed images of the food on offer, to browse at leisure, select items on the menu and place their orders. Our eye-catching solution allows for images and text to be updated instantly via a control panel. In addition, the solution provides an eye-catching technology that will differentiate the restaurant from other players in the niche.

How’s it helped the Diners

  • Flawless presentation of menu items
  • Less chance of incorrect order
  • Greater visibility of food and drink on offer
  • Can get waiters attention instantly
  • More Interactivity i.e. social networking capability

How’s it helped the F&B Manager

  • Faster order taking
  • Fully customizable template
  • Increased profits through up-selling and cross-selling
  • Save money on costly re-prints of paper menus
  • Instant menu updates
  • Advertising revenues increased
  • Fewer staff needed to take orders

How’s it helped the Head Chef

  • Speed of food delivery
  • Reduced waiter errors on orders
  • Instant feedback on their dishes
  • Instantly remove item off menu if out of stock