iPad survey and feedback solution

In general people don’t enjoy the process of completing paper-based customer feedback forms – the evidence of which can be seen in the stacks of unused forms in restaurants, trade-shows, showrooms and countless other stores.

The iPad’s introduction, however, has flipped this trend in reverse and in tests, people have demonstrated that an iPad customer feedback form is 5 times more likely to be fully completed by the public.

So if you require instant point-of-sale feedback data from your potential customers why not choose the Blue House uTouchResponse solution?  We specialise in the development of customer feedback, digital brochure and digital catalogue design.   Our team of experts will ensure that your survey solution is customized to your exact branding and research requirements.  Furthermore, you can export your completed surveys at the end of the day directly to a server and export a report in Excel.

Some Product Highlights

  • Collect online or offline survey data – no internet connection is required!
  • Capture instant feedback at the Point-of-Sale
  • Customize your survey according to your branding guidelines
  • Multi-lingual – It comes in any language you want
  • You can choose the question type, the number of questions and the layout

Featured Clients

  • Lexus